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MAKLab - Micromanufacturing for young entrepreneurs - Global Impact Challenge finalist

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The Global Impact Challenge supports British non-profits using tech to tackle the world's toughest problems. The 10 finalists are in, help decide who wins.Project:MAKLab will give young people access to digital technology to start their first business, fueling economic growth and entrepreneurship training. This removes the often prohibitive expense of developing, manufacturing, and selling products, ranging from jewelry to new tech devices.Impact:Over 960,000 young people in the UK are currently looking for work. Access to the right equipment, such as digital fabrication technology, can make the difference between a viable business and one that can't get off the ground. MAKLab plans to establish four additional digital fabrication outposts across the UK and coordinate training for a range of communities, with a focus on unemployed youth and entrepreneurial development. Over three years, MAKLab will train over 600 16-25 year olds, and support 150 small and medium enterprises. The ultimate vision is accessible micromanufacturing for all.Get involved:Cast your vote by the 31st May on https://globalimpactchallenge.withgoogle.com/ for the £500,000 fan favourite Global Impact Award.
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