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Most Beautiful Lipstick in the World !!! Tested !!!

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There was a huge demand to do a review video after I shared a pic of my Kailijumei Flower Jelly lipsticks it on my Fb/Instagram. I usually don't do reviews but I just had to with this gorgeous product. I just love how magical it looks. The gold flakes and the dried flower inside is such a lovely touch. Its also neat that it changes colors according to your body temperature and ph level. My started out light pink and then turned Fuchsia pink in few seconds. I hope this inspires more companies to be creative with their products. Application wise I would rate it 6. Its very sheer and glossy. It did stain my lips after and a had a tad bit of a bitter taste. They say its made with Cocoa butter, Citric Acid, Plant Extracts, Grape Seed Oil etcs.
They offer about 4 different options but its all pink when you apply on your lips. Had I known that I would have just bought one. Still a cool product to add to your collection. Its runs for $27 on their website. Here's a Link :
You can also order from Ebay for better price. This is a good Option :
Thats all for the review. Hope you liked it. Thanks for Watching !!
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