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Moto X Pure Edition vs Nexus 6

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They're both oversized Android smartphones with Motorola logos, but don't let the superficial similarity fool you. The newest Moto X is an entirely different beast than the aging Google flagship, and while we recently deemed the Nexus 6 still worth a buy when considered in a vacuum, Motorola's newest contender might signify a sea change. The Moto X Pure Edition brings a brighter display, a better camera, higher-end hardware and more customizability than any other Android phone out there – and it sports a svelter casing and a lower price tag than the Nexus 6 to boot.
Can the Nexus 6's few advantages –wireless charging, AMOLED display and a purer-than-pure Android experience– protect it from a trouncing by its new sibling? Which of these should you consider picking up if you're in the market for a new Android smartphone? Find out in our Moto X Pure Edition vs Nexus 6 comparison video! Then be sure to check out our Moto X Pure Edition unboxing (also here on YouTube), and stay tuned for our full Moto X Pure Edition review, coming September 18!
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