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My $335,000 Stock Market Portfolio! Dividend Investing, Growth Investing, Passive income

11.11 Single Day
Today we discuss 1 of my 7 stock market accounts. This one is a publicly disclosed stock market account where everyone in my private group can see every single move I make in the account. I hope you enjoy me discoloring this for you guys! Usually only the members of my stock group can see all this that I'm about to show you.
People sometimes wonder what type of stock market investor i am. usually stock market investors can be boxed into a category of growth investing, dividend investing or value investing. i am one of the few that can successfully do growth investing, value investing, and dividend investing all at the same time. I think an investor who can do all 3 at a high level will be a the top of the stock market investing game.
We have built this account over the past year or 2 into an absolute beast. We are up huge on our current positions and we have also cashed over 5 figures of profits this year. We have also collected a ton of passive income dividend income from out dividend stocks. Whenever I make passive income from dividends I use that money to put back into more stocks. Whenever i sell for a profit I just re invest the gains. I like to stay at the top like I'm stuck.
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Do you think these are stocks to buy now or just stocks to watch?
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