New Perspectives for Sustainable Weight Loss to Fit Your Everyday Lifestyle


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Hi, my name is Dr. Serena Goldstein and I am a Naturopathic Doctor here in New York City where I work with people remotely in sustainably losing weight with an emphasis on balancing hormones as well as our whole endocrine system.
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My look at people understands:
* Both their mental, emotional, and physical
* How they got there through their family, their past, and
* Really piecing that together in their lifestyle to really boil down to those main things that they need to do specifically to them that is most important.
Consumer Health Digest is pivotal in helping me get the word out that health is not just a single pill, whether it's pharmaceutical or natural, but a whole lifestyle change. In fact, how I work with people is going through the notion that there is no magic pill and to get sustainable results and different results we need to change how we came from, and that's going to look different to for everyone.
And in being able to write various articles that have been on Consumer Health Digest really allows me to go in-depth and give you the specific tools you'll need to be able to ask yourself what you need to do and even draw out answers to have your best life, and ultimately your soul's purpose. Because it's in that alignment that all of a sudden choices don't even become so difficult anymore, whether it's foods, or exercise, or even branching out to the people you're with.
And Consumer Health Digest is a wonderful platform in also being a resource for many articles as well that can help back all of this up as well as provide further tools. I'm passionate about this because I've been through it as well.
And it's incredibly rewarding to know that you're putting in the work that's getting the best results. I help people get there as well. And so much of the knowledge in what I've found is in the articles I've been writing. My name is Dr. Serena Goldstein and I'm with Consumer Health Digest.
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