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No Drama Office: Too Many Video Calls

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We've all heard about video chat fatigue, but there is a much worse problem plaguing America's workplaces that seldom gets reported: feral video chat syndrome. This is a debilitating condition that strikes when a person becomes so accustomed to talking through a laptop camera that they lose all ability to have a civilized conversation in real life. Like caged animals, they only know comfort in the confines of their home where no eye contact (and no pants) are the norm. But as this video shows, hope is not lost. Watch and learn how to help the most feral video chat suffer return to society.

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Working in an office can be crazy — but it doesn't have to be! In this new comedy series, watch as people learn to navigate the twists and turns that come with the nationwide return to the workplace. Commuting, in-person meetings, breakroom small talk...we're all a little out of practice, but with a little time and understanding, we'll all get back to normal. (Meaning not just wearing work clothes from the waist up.)

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