Olympian beach rescue - News Review


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A man on honeymoon in Sardinia has been saved from drowning by an Olympic swimmer.
The story
In Italy, an Olympic swimmer's saved a man from drowning on his honeymoon off the coast of Sardinia. Filippo Magnini, who's an ex-world champ, jumped into the sea after people shouted to sunbathers for help.
Key words and phrases
stroke of luck
a lucky event which helps you achieve something
• I've just found £5. What a stroke of luck!
• It was a stroke of luck the referee didn't notice his handball.
person who has recently married
• You can tell he's a newlywed – he can't stop smiling!
• Venice is a popular honeymoon destination for newlyweds.
a person who regularly goes to a place
• Life in the UK can be depressing for beachgoers because it rains so much.
• The bar was full of theatregoers waiting for the performance to start.
Language challenge
What is the past participle of the verb 'swim'?
a) swimmed
b) swam
c) swum
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