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Oral Reading Fluency 16 - "Measuring Greatness" - Speak more clearly!

Link to full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfQSN9FlyB6RumUTLuDAGY3m6YpBLHSsw
Practice Text 16 "Measuring Greatness"
Word count: 76
CEFR Level B1

Words from General Service List (GSL) #1-550

0:12 Topic
0:33 Vocabulary Note
1:29 First Reading: listen
2:17 Second Reading: listen and repeat
4:12 Third Reading: slow reading
5:16 Fourth Reading: natural reading
6:14 Post-reading Thoughts

Vocabulary Profiler:
96.0526% high frequency (#1-1000)
3.9474% high frequency (#1001-2000)
“dance, treat, during”

Gunning Fox Index
4.283 on http://gunning-fog-index.com/
4.3 on https://readability-score.com/

TEACHERS: You can use the text for a dictation, a gapped text, or other form of classroom practice. For your convenience, here is the text you can copy and paste into a Word document.

How do humans measure greatness? In history books, we write about who started wars and who brought about peace, who found land, or who made machines. Are those the only acts we can use to judge success?

Some dance well. Others can fight hard. Aren’t these people great in some way?

What about a person who treats others kindly during life or who can smile in peace at death?

Greatness is shown in many forms.
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