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Oral Reading Fluency 22 - "A Tree in the Forest" - English Vocabulary and Pronunciation

11.11 Single Day
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Practice Text 22 "A Tree in the Forest"
Word count: 249
CEFR Level A1

0:01 Introduction
0:22 Title
0:33 What is this reading about?
0:55 Vocabulary Notes
2:06 First Reading: listen
4:12 Second Reading: listen and repeat
8:26 Third Reading: slow reading
10:56 Fourth Reading: natural pace
12:57 Post-reading Thoughts

The readings in this series use HIGH FREQUENCY VOCABULARY.
This text uses words from General Service List (GSL) #1-855
Exceptions: forest #1043, branch(es) #1210
Note: union (#518) is presented as “reunion”

Vocabulary Profiler:
98.4064% high frequency (#1-1000)
1.1952% high frequency (#1001-2000)
Offlist – “reunion”

Gunning Fox Index
6.3 on https://readability-score.com/
6.59 on https://www.usingenglish.com/

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You can use the practice text for a dictation, a gapped text, or other form of classroom practice. For your convenience, here is the text you can copy and paste into a Word document.

A long time ago, a young man and woman lived at the edge of a forest. They were the picture of happiness. They often walked arm in arm through the trees and along a stream near their home. One day the woman walked too far alone and became lost. The young man tried, but could not manage to find his beautiful wife. He walked across most of the forest, from east to west and then from north to south. Several weeks passed. Time tested the limits of his hopes.

Then one day as the sun set and the stars appeared above, the man saw an unusual tree. The moment he stood under its branches, he could view his wife’s face on the surface of the tree. The man fell to the ground and asked the forces that took her to let her go. When nothing happened, he offered to trade himself. “Please take me instead.” A cold white light fell around the man, and the next time he opened his eyes, he was looking down from the branches at his beautiful wife. She was free, but he was not.

For many years, the woman visited the tree. Every evening, she could see her husband’s face up in the branches. Every evening he gave her a sad smile. Today they say there is still a tree deep in the forest that turns white when the sun sets. Some believe the husband and wife enjoy a short reunion at that moment.

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