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Our FAMiLY NiGHT ROUTiNE! | Behind the Braids Ep.69

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Today’s video is a heavily requested one! This is a version of our typical Summer NIGHT ROUTINE for our family of 8! Yes, we'll show you how we put the littles (Daxton and Paisley) to bed, and all the different chores and tasks everyone has before the night is over!
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We start off with evening activities! Getting ready for dinner and trying to get everyone to pitch in and do their chores! How many of you have to be reminded about your chores? SAME! Shaun tries to get Paisley ready for tumbling, he really tries his best guys!
When it’s time for bed, Shaun agrees to let me have the night off while he tucks in the littles! YES! I'll then show you my nighttime beauty routine! Having an evening routine is ESSENTIAL for everyone, but especially for moms! Sometimes I just need the time to take off my makeup, take a bath, and unwind.
Meanwhile, Shaun makes sure Dax and Paisley brush their teeth and pick out their clothes for the next day. He also likes to play daddy games with them before bed. One is called Daddy Monster, but it is better played when it gets darker earlier. This game with them called Save the World, and the kids LOVE IT!!!
Do your parents have any games they played with you right before bedtime when you were little? Comment Below!
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