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Parts of the Body - English for Kids

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Website: http://BusyBeavers.com - Kids English Learning Resources - MP3s, Worksheets, Flash Cards, Games and more!Busy Beavers iPhone App: http://goo.gl/GWxz9This simple video teaches the parts of the Face and the Body with Betty and Billy Beaver. The simple "chant" will help kids learn the new vocabulary.This series of videos help use TPR (Total Physical Response) in the classroom so kids can stand up and interact with the language and be fully engaged.Once students have learned the vocabulary try the next video in this series "Touch Your Nose" - http://youtu.be/JdJ4VziqC8s to get kids chanting short phrasesUse the "Touch Your Toes" - http://youtu.be/GIpzczraYL8 video to get kids speaking in full sentences and interacting in English using TPR.The Simon Says Song - http://youtu.be/MLXZV456Or0 is the companion piece to these lessons so use it play it any time raise energy levels in the classroom and get kids active!
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