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Play Doh Garfield 3D Modeling!!! Making cartoon Characters with Play Dough

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Play Doh Garfield 3D Modeling!!! Making cartoon Characters with Play Dough by KidsSurprise.

Hello there everyone. Summer is a lazy for some, but the character featured in this video is a full time, four seasons lazy fat cat. Garfield is maybe the coolest cat in animation history.
Garfield is an overweight anthropomorphic orange tabby cat noted for his sheer laziness, sarcasm, and intense passion for food, particularly lasagna. Often throughout the course of the strip Garfield's weight has been poked fun at as an object of ridicule, particularly by the electronic scale which he frequently uses to weigh himself. Garfield usually does not handle insults or commands from the scale (or anybody else) very well, and normally will respond to such remarks with violence or a saucy comeback of some sort, in spite of the fact that the character solely communicates through thought bubbles. Garfield lives with his nerdy, socially awkward owner Jon Arbuckle and Jon's dimwitted pet dog Odie and derives pleasure from satirically mocking the stupid actions performed by the two of them.Garfield was born in the kitchen of Mamma Leoni's Italian Restaurant weighing 5 lbs and 6 ounces at birth and loved Lasagna the day he was born. Ever since then, it has always been his favorite food.
So enjoy the summer days and try to create with your kids Garfield out of play doh just as we did. Educational and fun video for your children. Every child will have fun but you will also like no matter if you aren’t kid.
This video will help you to learn how to make Garfield from play-doh !

Make with your hand Part 2

All music used in this video is from:
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

1. Fig leaf times two
2. Double polka
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