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Quarantine life in San Francisco: why we have to leave

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We need to move out of our apartment in San Francisco in less than two weeks because our lease is ending. In this video, I'm going to talk about that and what is going on in the Bay Area these days during the quarantine.

We were supposed to extend our lease to travel during the summer and I've already made an agreement with a couple of friends that they're going to stay in our apartment so it wouldn't stay empty for three months. Now, we can't travel and our friends are not coming to San Francisco. We decided that it's time to move on and find a new place to live.

Good news is that people tell that the coronavirus curve is actually flattening in the Bay Area which means that every day there is less and less people are diagnosed with the disease. I just hope it stays that way so we can give our medical system more time to prepare more beds, more doctors. I just hope that everyone stays safe.

One of my friends is currently in Taiwan and he's blogging about the situation in the country. He says that Taiwan is almost back to normal. Everybody is wearing masks but people are going to work, they are eating out and everyone is doing their regular things. It took them less time to get back to normal compared to what I think is going to be here in California because they started testing earlier.

Talking about the benefits of being in quarantine. A lot of Michelin stars restaurants in San Francisco started delivering food. Usually, dinner for one person in a Michelin 3-star restaurant would cost $345 but now it costs $55.

Some of you guys who are watching this video from Italy, where the quarantine is really strict, would say that Californians are really irresponsible. Those of you who are watching this video from Sweden, are going to say that we are crazy with all our measures. There is no right answer right now what we should and shouldn't do.

Teddy bear hunts are popping up in neighborhoods around the Bay Area. Seeing bears in the windows of our neighbours’ houses, even if they are strangers, is a signal of friendliness and warmth. It may elicit a sense of cooperation and trust in one another. A bear in the window is like the friendly smile and nod you give to a stranger.

Time codes:
0:06 Why we have to leave our apartment
1:52 Bay Area coronavirus GOOD NEWS
3:36 Why going to the stores these days is not easy
5:37 Where life is getting back to normal
6:46 Benefits of quarantine
8:25 What Embarcadero looks like these days
10:03 Why there are teddy bears in Bay Area windows
11:17 Michelin 1-star restaurant vs. my mom
11:53 Possibly moving to Los Angeles

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