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Ravello, Italy Walking Tour (4k Ultra HD 60fps) – With Captions

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We recorded this 4k ultra hd video during our trip to Ravello, Italy on October 2021.
Ravello is one of the prettiest towns on the Amalfi coast, combining luxurious villas and lush gardens with one of the country's best music festivals. Sitting high on the cliffs (365 meters above the sea) with stunning views, the town has an air of glamour and sophistication in its quiet cobbled streets and elegant square.
Ravello was founded in the 5th century as a shelter place against the barbarian invasions which marked the end of the Western Roman Empire. In the 9th century Ravello was an important town of the maritime Republic of Amalfi. It was a producer of wool and an important trading power in the Mediterranean between 839 and around 1200. Following centuries of prosperity, the 12th century saw economic decline and much of its population moving to neighbouring Naples. Fortunately, this didn't rob it of its charm, and it remains one of the most beautiful towns in the area. In 1944 during WW2, the king of Italy lived in Ravello -at the "Palazzo Priscopio"- while waiting to go back to Rome. Ravello has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.
Our guided walking tour is about 2.18 miles (3.5 km) long and covers most attractions and historic sites of Ravello.

Video Timeline Links:
00:00 Intro Ravello, Italy Waling Tour
02:14 Cathedral Square
02:32 Ravello Cathedral
04:14 Villa Rufollo
09:13 Belvedere Princess of Piedmont
30:15 Path to the Villa Cimbrone
33:26 Monastery of Santa Chiara
45:35 Villa Cimbrone
46:54 The Cloister
53:00 The Avenue of Immensity
56:15 Terrace of Infinity
1:04:07 The Rose Terrace
1:05:52 The Tea Room
1:07:30 Terrace of Infinity
1:16:55 Path to the Cathedral Square

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