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Restaurant365 CEO Tony Smith on Making Data-Driven Decisions

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Tony Smith is the CEO and co-founder of Restaurant365, a company that's helping improve the fortunes of more than 40,000 restaurants with its back-office management software. The leader stands out for his commitment to transparency and desire to help businesses thrive.

Watch this interview to learn about bringing numbers to life with software, the value of in-person events, and how to avoid burnout.

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[02:07] - Restaurant365 2-Minute Drill
[05:49] - Collaborating and Building Relationships
[09:26] - Importance of Intelligence in Business
[10:46] - Prioritizing Storytelling on the Internet
[19:42] - In-Person Events are Invaluable

Tony Smith is a Restaurant Influencer -

Tony Smith knows he’s not a social media expert. Few people are. Still, the restaurant software company executive has been able to prove that authenticity is a powerful tool for building a devoted following online.

"For me,” says R365’s Tony Smith to Restaurant Influencers series host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media (https://calibbq.media), “I am not a master of social media, but luckily I've been able to build some presence there because what I do believe in is people knowing you — really knowing you for who you are — not some fake persona."

Restaurant365, or R365, is a fast-growing SaaS company, whose cloud-based software provides a unique, all-in-one accounting, store operations, and workforce solution for restaurants. Their mission is to facilitate optimal productivity and profitability.

With R365, restaurants can manage back-office productivity from one platform. It also integrates with your POS (such as @toasttab the sponsor of this series), banks, vendors, and more. This results in less time spent on manual tasks, with improved visibility and control of the bottom line.

Tony Smith's journey as the CEO of Restaurant365 is a testament to the power of authenticity, the value of personal connections, and the importance of seeking help when needed.

Leaders often find it challenging to seek help when they spend so much time helping others. But Smith has a unique approach to avoid burnout.

Employing a quadrant strategy to evaluate his tasks, he divides responsibilities into categories: "love it," "don't love it," "great at it," and "not great at it." Once he recognizes areas where he doesn't excel or doesn't enjoy, he proactively seeks assistance.

In an era where virtual interactions dominate, Tony Smith values the richness of in-person connections.

The Restaurant Transformation Tour, an ongoing series of events by Restaurant365, reflects his passion for meaningful face-to-face encounters. He believes that personal connections are formed best when you can "rub shoulders" with someone, exchange ideas informally, and create valuable relationships.

Episode Links:
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Restaurant365 Online: https://www.restaurant365.com/
Restaurant365 Transformation Tour Tickets: https://rtt.restaurant365.com/
R365 CEO Tony Smith Interview: https://content.calibbq.media/restaurant365-ceo-tony-smith-interview/

Tony Smith is Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of Restaurant365. Tony’s career has centered on using software to solve business issues across various industries. Prior to starting Restaurant365 he was Director of Services at Dynamic Methods, a software consulting company focused primarily on designing and implementing accounting and operations software solutions.
Tony Smith LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tony-t-smith/

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