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RV Living with My Mother in Law (Don't Do This)

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We spent 3 months RV Living with my mother-in-law (Kristen's mom)!
Living in an RV full time can already be difficult with 2 adults a toddler and a dog, but what happens when you add a mother-in-law to the mix? When we told you guys that we were living in an Airstream with Kristen's mom for the past 3 months, you had A LOT of questions! In this video, we share the ups and downs of living full time in an RV with 3 adults, 1 toddler and a dog. Answering questions like: where does everyone sleep? how do we get intimate? How do we find personal space living in an RV with so many people? Are we crazy? Would we do it again? All of your questions about living in an RV with a mother-in-law are answered in this video!

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0:00 - Intro
1:22 - Where is everyone sleeping?
2:25 - What about intimacy?
4:21 - How do you each get personal space?
7:19 - How is using the washroom in a small space?
8:37 - How do you divide up cleaning?
10:29 - What have you learned about each other?
11:57 - Would you do it again?
15:05 - Best and worst part about RV Living together?

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