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Sanjiv Razdan President and CEO of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Brewing Consumer Curiosity

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Sanjiv Razdan, President and CEO of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (@thecoffeebean), provides a global experience in a mug.

Watch this interview to learn about making the most of nontraditional opportunities, brewing customer curiosity, capitalizing on user-generated content, and inspiring industry leaders with the nonprofit GLEAM Network.

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[2:23] - Sanjiv Razdan 2-Minute Drill
[4:40] - Why Nontraditional Locations?
[19:10] - Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philosophy
[28:20] - The Power of Storytelling
[39:42] - Mentorship is Imperative

Sanjiv Razdan is a Restaurant Influencer —

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf inspires people far and wide.

“We're a company that brings flavors from around the world to consumers to tickle their curiosity, to whet the appetite and expose them to adventures and experiences from around the world.” says Sanjiv Razdan, President and CEO of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (@thecoffeebean) on the Restaurant Influencers podcast hosted by Shawn P. Walchef of https://calibbq.media.

With over 1,100 locations worldwide, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf inspires consumers far and wide with flavors that originate in places expanding from the African continent to Thailand and beyond.

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The name they have built has opened doors for Razdan and company to make headway in nontraditional avenues, such as airports, college campuses, and hospitals. According to Razdan, however, the expansion is not possible without a product with universal appeal.

“When you think about the coffee bean and tea leaf, people want to have their favorite beverage,” says Sanjiv Razdan. “And they have broad consumer appeal, which is why these locations do incredibly well for us.”

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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf takes the broad opportunities they have to “brew curiosity”. Meaning, the company has a breadth of products and flavors that take consumers on a journey with every sip.

Understanding that traveling to various countries and corners of the world is a privilege not afforded to most, Sanjiv Razdan takes great pride in bringing that experience through consumers and allowing them to express their satisfaction with the products without being prompted to do so.

“We live in a world today where our consumers are putting Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in the middle of their lives and they're taking pictures and putting hashtags and essentially creating the content,” expresses Razdan.

Whether it’s coffee beans, tea leaves, or mentorship, or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations and reach, Razdan has a keen interest in progression. As his products generate income for him here in the United States, he uses his GLEAM Network of volunteer mentors to pay it forward and pour back into underserved communities by providing mentorship and leadership development to the restaurant and foodservice industry in those spaces.

Service and growth. That is what Sanjiv Razdan and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are all about.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecoffeebean/
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Merch Shop: https://store.coffeebean.com/shop
GLEAM Network: (https://www.gleamnetwork.net/)

ABOUT SANJIV RAZDAN (@thecoffeebean):
Sanijv Razdan is the President and CEO of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. With a massive reach that includes 1100 stores, with only 200 in the U.S., the company provides coffee and tea lovers with an array of flavors that is sure to take them on a journey to beverage bliss. Understanding the idea of service is the inspiration for Razdan’s GLEAM Network that taps volunteers to assist with mentorship and leadership development to the underserved community in the restaurant and foodservice industry.
• Sanjiv Razdan on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/srazdan/

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