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Sculpt & Tone your Legs! Pilates Lower Body Beginners Workout with Maya Petty, 15 Minute Workout

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15 Minute Beginners Pilates Workout, Lower Body Routine with No Gym, Build Strength & Toned Legs w/ Maya Petty: ???? Dive into Pilates with Maya Petty and unlock a 14-Day Trial on Yoga Plus FREE! Click here to start your journey: https://wellnessplus.tv/yogaplus ????

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Join instructor Maya Petty in this beginner-friendly Pilates class focused on sculpting, strengthening, and revitalizing your lower body. Whether you're new to Pilates or looking to enhance your workout routine, Maya guides you through a series of exercises designed to target your legs, glutes, and core, promoting flexibility and endurance. Discover the power of Pilates to transform your body and mind, improve posture, and increase muscle tone. This session is perfect for those looking to start their fitness journey with a supportive and experienced instructor. Dive into a workout that not only challenges you but also leaves you feeling stronger and more connected to your body. Start your transformation today with Maya Petty and experience the benefits of a well-rounded lower body Pilates workout.

No equipment needed, just a mat and your commitment to better health. Perfect for all fitness levels, especially beginners. Get ready to feel the difference with each session and take the first step towards a healthier, more toned lower body with Pilates!
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