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Short cycle? #shorts

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With a cycle that is less than 26 days there could be two different obstacles that can make it impossible to get pregnant that cycle. ⭐ 

1️⃣ Short follicular phase 
The first half of the cycle is when the lining is thickening and follicles are maturing which will then ovulate. If this phase of the cycle is too short due to hormone imbalances, the follicles may not have enough time to mature or the lining of the uterus could end up thin. 

2️⃣ Short luteal phase
This is also known as luteal phase defect. Having a luteal phase the is 12-14 days long is essential for implantation to occur. When the luteal phase is short, the uterine lining will start to shed earlier than usual and the period will begin. 

A short luteal phase can be cause by lack of ovulation, low progesterone, insufficient uterine lining to name a few. 

As you can understand if either or both of these situations are happening pregnancy will not occur.

The good news is that depending on the cause, natural therapies and lifestyle support can make a difference. 

My go-to formula is the Fertilicare Phase 1 & 2 program. I formulated these herbal liquid formulas to help "reset" the length of the cycle, helping to support the bodies natural rhythms. 

????To learn more about supporting a healthy fertility cycle type CYCLE into the comments below and I will send you the link to my guide. ✌️

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