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Should You Sell All Your Stocks in the Stock Market Now?!

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The other day I released a video on the channel talking about why I believe there will be a better chance of recession 2020 than not a recession 2020 happening. This video scared a lot of folks, so I want to talk about whether I will be selling out of all my stocks anytime soon and exit the stock market all together.
It is a very complex subject and I will take you in depth around my thoughts on this subject in this video, so you can get an idea or how I think about this. I obviously own a ton of stocks and have most of my wealth tied up in the stock market currently. Are you planning on selling out of your stocks or selling out of the stock market anytime soon?
Also do you believe we will have a recession in 2020 or do you think a recession in 2020 is unlikely? Let me know in the comments section.
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