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Sonic Learning Programs in Schools - don't bandaid learning difficulties

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Schools across Australia are using Sonic Learning’s neuroscience programs to help their at-risk students achieve fast and lasting academic gains.
Rather than bandaiding the symptoms of learning difficulties, our programs target the causes.
Using scientifically designed computer exercises, students improve:
Listening and auditory processing
Phonemic awareness
Reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension
Writing, and
English language skills.
Fast ForWord includes a total 54 different exercises that intensively train underlying cognitive skills as well as advanced literacy and language skills. Students are equipped with the skills they need to become good learners.
Reading Assistant provides essential oral reading practice with immediate support and feedback to improve reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension.
In just 30 minutes per day, students complete thousands of questions that adapt to their individual skill level, producing fast and lasting changes in the brain.
And teachers can access detailed reports showing student progress.
These programs are unique in that they are backed by hundreds of research studies.
For example, this group of primary school students in WA trained on Fast ForWord and made significantly better gains on language and literacy tests than their peers who received the standard curriculum.
The results are not just fast, they are lasting too. This four year study followed 500 high school students after their participation in the program, and found that their academic results continued to improve years after they’d finished the program.
Sonic Learning’s programs are now more affordable than ever with schools being able to access special site licenses at a significantly reduced cost.
See below for more information about our programs and pricing and to request more information from our school specialist.
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