The future of food - 6 Minute English


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With population growth and climate change, we might have to radically change our diets in the future. There are all sorts of developments going on to help feed us in the future, from growing artificial meat to developing insect-based foods. In 6 Minute English we discuss what we might be tucking into in the future and serve up some useful vocabulary.
This week's question:
In which continent did tomatoes originate? Is it…
A: South America
B: Africa
C: Asia
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.
a futurologist
a person who studies and predicts how we will live in the future
a trend
a way to refer to something that is popular now or that is becoming popular
to latch onto
become very interested in
a hunch
a feeling you have based on your knowledge and experience that something might be true even though you don’t have any real evidence
taking into your body, i.e. eating and drinking
strict, strong
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