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✎ In today's video, listen to some of the best motivation from billionaires such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and much more!

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https://youtu.be/vhDRBPCOxmA HRH Media
https://youtu.be/O4MtQGRIIuA Amazon Web Services
https://youtu.be/ebGgG2Ojfbw Partnership for Public Service
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https://youtu.be/M-vQGxTFfPU BattleBears
https://youtu.be/Ff4fRgnuFgQ Lex Fridman
https://youtu.be/_hbqrnpHN-U Forbes
https://youtu.be/Lb4IcGF5iTQ Y Combinator
https://youtu.be/MGsalg2f9js Y Combinator
https://youtu.be/x-kALfaofek Tim Ferriss
https://youtu.be/61avjMRUG7k Bloomberg Politics
https://youtu.be/gV50hpSKHFQ The Verge
https://youtu.be/9aCg7jH4S1w The Verge
https://youtu.be/5zOHSysMmH0 Lex Fridman
https://youtu.be/bFhBLWU9LyU MyNextGadget
https://youtu.be/n03zAOadyMA NewSchools Venture Fund
https://youtu.be/BmYv8XGl-YU Harvard University
https://youtu.be/nqkKiGhIyXs MyNextGadget
https://youtu.be/BEgonssYWo8 Silicon Slopes
https://youtu.be/W5g4sPi1wd4 Village Global
https://youtu.be/P_6K3mv9BbI Concordia College
https://youtu.be/KlV0fyDC3Gc David Rubenstein
https://youtu.be/nsonKu4STzM UW Video
https://youtu.be/wdy3EBBRsJA Microsoft Research
https://youtu.be/ofQMbC2e_as Harvard University
https://youtu.be/-PYffdGJw8Q The Economic Club of Washington, D.C.
https://youtu.be/Dkexb3uJVgM Bloomberg Quicktake
https://youtu.be/1N04_EHprO4 Tom Bilyeu
https://youtu.be/M1EsIusQJQM zarjesve2

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