The Nibiru Movie ~ The Secret Origins of our World


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Welcome to The Nibiru Movie! This is a special edition of The Sumerian Epic which combines the first 3 Episodes into an hour and a half long movie, with an additional 7 minutes of never before seen bonus footage scattered throughout the feature!
The film at its core opens the floodgates of questions regarding the mysterious yet popular “conspiracy theory” of Nibiru, the supposed hidden planet that lurks in the farthest reaches of our outer solar system. It was nearly 50 years ago that the theory of Nibiru first reached the masses through Zechariah Sitchin’s first book “The Twelfth Planet”, which sought to explain that the oldest texts on the planet, the Cuneiform tablets of Sumer, were actually a series of encoded legends describing the origins of our solar system.

Yet, today there is a lot of scrutiny and skepticism towards these ideas, and it’s not without merit, because the man responsible for introducing these theories also has seemed to embellish his stories and interpretations of the tablets quite a bit. Today, the Nibiru movie seeks to dive deep into uncovering the truth, and see if there’s actually any validity to the claims of Nibiru - the missing planet.
Then again, the Nibiru story is not the only theory that seeks to interpret these ancient myths. The Electric Universe Theory also arrives on the scene to provide yet another fascinating explanation of this mythic story, involving our Earth, Mars, and a Brown Dwarf Star. For those wanting to investigate this further, we highly recommend watching the Electric Universe Series, by clicking right here.
The Sumerian Epic will continue to have a new chapter posted every two weeks! See you again soon for part 4!
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