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This is the BEST Pro Laptop For Most People

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If all this sounds familiar to you, it's because it is. For a better part of 15 years, Apple has been trying to figure out how to bring desktop-class performance into a portable laptop, and it's actually the reason Apple switched to Intel back in 2006. That whole performance per watt argument you heard on the M1 announcement.

But I think that even if Apple solved this huge dilemma last year with the M1, the biggest problem those first computers is that the company chose to keep an old design. When Apple switched to Intel, we even got this: (Steve Jobs calling them MacBooks because they're done with Power) So it's clear that to do this paradigm shift justice, we needed something completely different.

This is the New 14-inch MacBook Pro. What Apple calls as the most powerful MacBook Pro ever, but what I'm gonna call Apple's best throwback. Not sure if you noticed but Apple has been doing a lot of common sense things lately that focus more on function over form, and I think these notebooks are the best example of it. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and it's time for our full review, sponsored by UGREEN.

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