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Toilet Vocabulary & Phrases - Free Spoken English Lesson

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Toilet Vocabulary - Free Spoken English Lesson

One of the most useful things you can learn in English language is how to ask for the toilet! As they say, when you gotta go, you gotta go. You have always been confused by the terms washroom, restroom, bathroom, lavatory, toilet and toilet room. I guess the difference here is not only in different kinds of English words, but also in whether one is referring to a room in their house or in some public place.

The flush toilet,
The most common type of toilet found, sends waste through a series of pipes that lead to a sewer system and eventually a waste treatment plant or septic tank.

Squat Toilet
Common in Turkish and Japanese households, this toilet looks like a porcelain hole in the floor that individuals have to hover over, with their knees bent in a squat position.

Lavatory / Toilet –
A room equipped with washing and often toilet facilities.

Loo / Bog –
The word 'loo' is quite polite and is a slang.

Khazi/ Latrines –
Khazi is military expressions and 'latrines' sound more polite and suggest a block of toilets constructed together.

Crapper - ‘crapper’ sounds a little rude but it was actually the name of the man who invented the flush toilet mechanism, Thomas Crapper.

Throne room.
'Throne room' is a little ironic with its associations with royalty.

Washroom / Bathroom / Restroom – Another word for toilet.

Here are some phrases, when you have go to the toilet.

I’m gonna [going to] go to the bathroom.
Where is the restroom?
Excuse me, I need to powder my nose.
Where’ the bathroom? I need to pee
Tinkle (mostly used by older women)
-Example: I drank too much water! I have to go tinkle.
My bladder is bursting (when you really have to go)
-Example: Stop the car! My bladder is bursting.
Take a leak –Example: He has to take a leak, where’s your bathroom?
Dump –Example: He went to take a dump.
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