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Total Training Microsoft Excel 2010: Essentials Ch 1 Lesson 1. Introducing Excel

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This series is for anyone who wants to know Excel in a non-intimidating, soup-to-nuts manner. If you've never used Excel, this is your starting point. No prior experience is necessary. If you've used Excel but never had formal training, this course will fill in the gaps so it all makes sense and so you are efficient and accurate. If you've used previous versions of Excel (prior to Office 2007) then there are a lot of features and changes you need to be aware of to fully utilize this software. In this course we take you from start to finish including entering data, configuring workbooks, working with calculations, applying regular and conditional formatting, creating custom formats, using names, leveraging the power of tables and charts and outputting your work. These are the skills every Excel user needs to know no matter how new or how experienced you may be!


1. Break down Excel into its component parts to make it more manageable and less overwhelming
2. Use common, understandable names to replace confusing cell references
3. Apply traditional formatting, create custom formats and apply formatting that automatically changes based on conditions you designate
4. Truly understand how formulas and functions work, no matter how seemingly simple or complex
5. Learn the Commandments of Excel Usageâ„¢ to ensure your work is efficient and accurate
6. Embrace the power of tables to sort, filter and manage data more easily
7. Create charts with just one click
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