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What I do when people hate me

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How to deal with negative comments and stop overreacting
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Being an influencer with a 4M audience worldwide means being exposed to a huge variety of views, opinions and people. When I started building my personal brand, I’ve never thought that I would get teased for the way I dress, the way I smile all the time and the way I live my life. Some of such feedback was really hard to deal with.

At first, I started getting back to people, explaining myself, trying to prove them wrong. When your video hits 100,000 views, there are around 1000 comments and 30 of them would be criticizing you. Our brain is wired in a way that we focus on negative things first and miss all the positive sides. At some point, I realized that I have to change my attitude. I talked to public people who deal with a much bigger amount of hate online than I do, I started reading books, and here are a few thoughts that I landed onto.

(1) NOT EVERY NEGATIVE COMMENT IS BAD. For example, when I just started out, I haven’t done a lot of fact-checking before shooting my videos and I could say things that were too objective. I got angry comments from my followers. After that, I became more conscious about things that I say online.

(2) IT'S OKAY TO BE DISLIKED. When you try to not be disliked, you try to please everyone and be loyal to everyone. But that means making a lot of false promises like a populist politician. And then you will go on and not fulfill your promises and start lying. And then you life becomes a nightmare.

(3) IT'S NOT YOUR TASK TO CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE'S EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS. Your task is to be helpful for people around you by developing your talents and by doing what you love. Do your own tasks without lying to yourself by trying to please everyone.

(4) THE COST OF FREEDOM IS THAT YOU ARE DISLIKED BY OTHER PEOPLE. If I get too concerned about people disagreeing with me, I look at kittens videos on YouTube and look at likes vs dislikes section. And yes, you guessed it right, even cats get hated and disliked.

(5) BE THERE FOR LONG-TERM, STICK TO YOUR STRATEGY. Enjoy your life daily, don’t take it too seriously and don’t over-obsess with your goals.

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Time codes:
0:00 The first time I received negative comments
1:48 How negative comments can help
3:25 Why people write negative comments
4:54 You should concentrate on these things
6:19 Even these creatures get dislikes
7:02 Take it easy and stick to your strategy
8:42 The reason why I became more careful about what I say online
10:50 Sponsorship disclosure
11:01 My message to negative commentators

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