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Where education and careers are going in a remote world

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Where are education and careers going in a remote world? What opportunities are out there for those leaving the military? How important is diversity in businesses to ensure you're not left behind? We'll cover all of this and more in the first episode of How Tomorrow Works, a limited-series podcast about careers in an ever-changing world.

In the first episode, University of Phoenix academic advisor Ivan Nicholson talks about his role on the team of every UOPX student – how he can help as an academic advisor, and how students can best use resources like their advisors. Then we get to know Ivan a little more in our lightning round, How Ivan Works.

This episode is relevant not just for people thinking of going back to school, but those who have unrealized goals. (By our calculations, that’s almost everyone.) Definitely worth watching.

Ivan Nicholson has been an academic advisor at University of Phoenix for over a decade. He specializes in scholarship students and military students, but has worked with countless Phoenix students of all levels. Ivan serves as Vice-Lead of the African American Council for Excellence, a resource group for UOPX employees. He’s also a longtime member of the commencement team, helping to put on the graduation ceremonies he works so hard to get his students to.

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The next episode features UOPX business instructor and total Renaissance man Don Braunstein. Learn more about University of Phoenix at https://www.phoenix.edu/.

The entire contents of the UOPX How Tomorrow Works Podcast is Copyright 2020 by The University of Phoenix, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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