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Why Girls Are So Mean

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Ello Ello everyone!

A very special subscriber asked me this million dollar question. Why are girls so mean?

Not that only girls are mean but why do we have such a bad reputation for being mouthy? I have my own little theory.

Girls or guys. We are still human. We're not perfect. People who hurt others, are hurt themselves.

How do you deal with mean people?
Are you a mean girl without even realising?
Are we hypocrites?

I hope in this video, we will learn to see ourselves clearly. I hope it inspires you to understand more and love more.

Let's continue build one another and empower each other.

Hope you guys enjoyed this Girl Talk episode. I know it's been a while since I made one hehee.. Have a great weekend my friends. I'm gonna have an early night.

Love, Bubz xx

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