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WHY is there water in my portafilter after brewing?! Soupy espresso pucks - why and how to fix it!

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Have you ever pulled a beautiful shot of espresso but then knocked your puck in the knockbox only to realize there's a layer of water sitting on top? Over here we call that a soupy puck! There are ways to limit the amount of leftover water in your puck which we go over in this video. Ultimately, if your espresso is tasting great and you're getting the desired volume out of the shot then it's likely not a huge problem. Sean goes over what a soupy puck is, what causes is, and how to fix it.

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00:00 Introduction
00:55 Types of espresso pucks
01:46 How to avoid extra water in portafilter after brewing
4:04 Conclusion - Like & Subscribe

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