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Why it's bad that Gen Z wants less sex in movies

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We have a nuanced take on this...
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0:00 Today on the show…
2:30 Jordan was a part of a high-speed chase
9:00 Josh ran his fastest half-marathon
12:25 2 dozen eggs or 2 loaves of bread?
17:07 Christian Meme Review
19:55 Can’t stop thinking about my boyfriend’s ex
25:59 Try not to scream during this video game
29:53 Gen Z wants less hanky panky on screen
39:14 Your sneeze proves how healthy you are
43:30 Deconstructing the idea of “deconstruction”
49:53 Why cruises are so good for you
55:12 Josh recommends “Slay the Spire”
57:25 Jordan recommends “Stuff Made Here”
58:42 It’s nice to be back
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