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YouTube Nerfing Video Quality ON PURPOSE?? - WAN Show Mar 27, 2020

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Podcast Download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/linustechtips/YouTube_Nerfing_Video_Quality_ON_PURPOSE_-_WAN_Show_Mar_27_2020.mp3

Timestamps: (Courtesy of Lebon19)

0:00 Welcomes and Linus' jank setup for this stream
6:38 Topics
7:43 IOS restricts Cloud Gaming
8:28 Intro rollin' (Yes, there's sound - warning to headphone users)
8:58 YouTube defaulting to 480p / SD
12:00 Work from home
15:18 Back to YouTube defaulting to 480p / SD
16:15 Luke helped setup a school for online lessons (setup Discord, etc.)
17:35 Linus discovers that the stream is 720p
18:30 Other remote work options (ShadowTech, Parsec, etc.) and more discussion about Work From Home (Future of WFH, WFH @ LTT and FP)
33:46 Working and cities of the future
36:11 Sponsors (Displate, MOS, Private Internet Access)
40:17 Linus' scruff and Luke's hair length
43:00 What to do best during your COVID-19 confinement
-- 43:41 Sub-subject: Linus and badminton and his handshaking
-- 44:45 Sub-subject: Linus' dumbest purchase in a while
-- 46:29 Sub-subject: Has luke made any dumb purchase? What he bought recently + Luke's chairs
49:27 Logitech and Herman Miller creates gaming furniture
52:24 Source code for AMD's Graphic Cards stolen
55:12 LTT Folding@Home Team performance
58:13 Update on Linus Folding@Home ingest server
59:25 Folding@Home surpasses all known supercomputers
1:01:24 Firefox introduces paid ad-free program
1:02:54 LTT Forums
-- 1:02:54 Sub-subject: Monetization
-- 1:05:09 Sub-subject: Dumbest moderation thread on LTT Forums
-- 1:05:51 Sub-subject: LTT Forums "almost is a separate entity"
1:06:25 Back to Firefox paid ad-free program and discussion about ads and ad-blocking
1:15:02 lttstore.com shipping promo + mystery shirt
1:16:40 T-Shirt Shipping price story during COVID-19 pandemic
1:19:48 Animal Crossing, ANNO and general video games talk
1:24:36 Nintendo theme park talk
1:28:13 Superchats
1:28:41 Half-Life: Alyx and other Half-Life talk
1:32:00 Back to superchats
1:32:56 Back to Luke and a Half-Life: Alyx video with math lessons
1:34:50 Back to superchats again
1:36:41 Luke's headphones
1:39:16 Even more superchats
1:40:40 Streaming plans
1:42:00 Luke's Beat Saber training and NAS update
1:43:18 Outro
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