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12 Important Phrasal Verbs for Everyday English Conversation

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~ More on Phrasal Verbs ~

Phrasal Verbs that are transitive need an object. EG: (to) look up to (we need to always say WHO we look up to for this phrasal verb to make sense.)
If it's intransitive, it can be used on its own, without an object. EG: (to) grow up

Separable means that the verb and the particle are able to be separated in the sentence. EG: (to) bring up is separable.
I'm going to bring up this issue on Monday.
I'm going to bring this issue up on Monday.
We can separate the words in the phrasal verb so it's separable.

(to) jump in or (to) butt in on a conversation are examples are inseparable phrasal verbs. We can say "Can I jump in?" But we can't say "Can I jump me in".

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