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18 Useful ANIMALS Phrasal Verbs in English | Phrasal Verbs in Daily English Conversations

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ANIMALS Phrasal Verbs! Learn 20+ Animals Phrasal Verbs in English: https://7esl.com/animals-phrasal-verbs/

Fish for
Meaning: Ask for or try to get something in an indirect way
Example: The telephone caller was fishing for too much information, so I hung up.
Fish out
Meaning: Pull something out of a place
Example: She fished a piece of paper out of the pile on her desk.
Horse around
Meaning: Play in a loud/rough way
Example: He was horsing around in the kitchen and broke my favourite bowl.
Leech off
Meaning: Use someone, or cling to s.o for personal gain, often not giving anything in return
Example: He’s leeching off the abilities of others.
Pig out
Meaning: Eat a lot of food at once
Example: Kids tend to pig out on junk food.
Wolf down
Meaning: Eat very quickly
Example: Don’t wolf down an entire chocolate cake; you will get indigestion.
Monkey around
Meaning: To do things in an unserious way; to play or waste time
Example: We just monkeyed around all afternoon.
Beaver away
Meaning: Work hard doing something
Example: She was beavering away at his homework until after midnight.
Ferret out
Meaning: To find (something, such as information) by careful searching.
Example: I had to ferret out all the information for myself.
Worm out of
Meaning: Draw or manipulate information out of someone
Example: I eventually managed to worm a few details out of her.
Rat on
Meaning: Inform on (someone) to a person in a position of authority
Example: I never thought John would rat on me.
Rabbit on (UK)
Meaning: Continue talking about something that is not interesting to the person you are talking to
Example: John’s always rabbiting on about his coin collection.
Monkey with
Meaning: Bother or interfere with someone or something
Example: Come on, don’t monkey with my new laptop.
Turn turtle
Meaning: Turn upside down; to flip over
Example: A large wave caused our little boat to turn turtle.
Squirrel away
Meaning: Stash, hide or hoard something for future use
Example: He had bits of string, cans of nails and lots of other useful tidbits squirreled away throughout his garage.
Drone on
Meaning: Talk for a long time in a boring way
Example: I nearly fell asleep while he was droning on!

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