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My boys are football (soccer) mad. They would play morning noon and night it they got the chance, but the British summer time doesn’t always play weather wise. So I made this shoebox table football/foosball table game for the boys to play. We do have a larger one, but it is in our friend’s garage as we just don’t have the space in the house!

You can really make this as decorative or as basic as you like. I intended just to paint the top of the clothes pegs in their colours, but was informed that footballers wear shorts as well at tops! You could even add kit number to each of the pegs if you choose.

With all the back to school shoes that everyone will be buying. I just made sure that the wooden skewers fit across with room for movement. First off I made the pitch using green paper and a white pen to mark it

I then cut a goal into each end. I drew it out with a sharpie and then used a craft knife and a metal ruler to cut out the goals.

I then covered the inside and outside of the box with Duck tape, this isn’t just to make it look better, it also makes the sides stronger.

Stand the clothespins up and put the skewer against the outside of the box. About 1/4 inch above the skewer, put a mark for the hole. You want the clothespins to be able to move without hitting the bottom of the box. I used a punch to make the four holes on each side for my skewers.

Then you need to position the clothes pegs and glue them into position. We used a hot glue gun and rested the pegs on the adjacent skewers until the glue set.

Then we added duck tape on to the ends of the dowels and used blue tack on the pointed ends before covering them to the duck tape too.

This has been a HUGE hit with the whole family. We have had table foosball competitions and now we have a league too! So yes it is an involved project, but it is also one of the most played with toys I have made.


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