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4 Simple Stretches To Ease Your Body While You Travel

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Hi there, I'm Beth from My Pilates Time and it's a pleasure to be collaborating with Consumer Health Digest. I've got a couple of little exercises here that you can do during your travel or after you've been traveling if you're feeling a little bit achy or tired through your body.
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Note: This video is a part of a joint collaboration between Jessica and Consumer Health Digest.
Video Transcript:-
The first one is a hip flexor stretch and your hips can get really tight from sitting down a lot. So to stretch this out what you're going to do is take a big step forward like a lunge, both toes point straight ahead. You bend the front knee and you keep the back leg straight. Just think of reaching the tailbone under and then you'll feel that stretch at the front of the hips. Hold it there and take a couple of nice deep breathes. Be sure to keep your shoulders up too. You don't need to lunge forward. And then you take the other side so a big step forward, both toes straight ahead, front knee bends, back leg straight and just a little tuck under. Chest nice and open, nice deep breathes and then come back. Also it's good to stretch your calf muscles and it's very similar to do that. You may have already felt your calf muscles in the big lunge but if you just take a small step forward again, both toes going straight ahead, bend the front knee over the toes, watch so your knee doesn't go out to the side and you just bend into that feeling the stretch of your calf.
Okay the other area that can often be tight is through your shoulders and neck. So just a few simple shoulder rolls can feel really nice. If you take a breath in and bring your shoulders up to your ears, scrunch up and then just let the shoulders roll back and down. And again breathe in as the shoulders come up and then sigh out as they roll back and down letting your body soften. One more, good. Pop your hands on your lower back, so you just put your hands in the small of your back, elbows tipping down towards the floor and then look up towards the ceiling, let your chin lift out and then let your chest lift up as well so that you arch your back backwards a little way and let you elbows go down towards your heels.
Another really nice way to stretch the back of the legs and through your back is to do a roll down. So what you need to do is just take a nice deep inhale and then when you breathe out you nod your head and just let your head come forward and let your shoulders roll forward and you just take your whole body over, let your arms dangle there and let your head dangle, just enjoy that nice stretch. And then breathe in and when you breathe out you sit your tailbone down towards the ground, lift up your abdominals and just roll going back and up and then let your shoulders drop down behind you. Okay, take your head, just look over one shoulder keeping your shoulders square and your arms dangling beside you, separate your teeth and your jaw and just soften your jaw. That will help you feel a nice stretch here.
I hope you feel better after your traveling. If you'd like more videos like this feel free to contact myself or Consumer Health Digest. Thank you!
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