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Neck Stretches & Exercises - Moderate Whole Body Wellness Challenge

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These general neck stretches & exercises are simple, but effective in helping to strengthen the neck and relieve neck pain. This neck routine is performed in real-time so it's easy to follow along. Buy a worksheet with this routine: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/wellness-challenge-neck-moderate-worksheet

This neck routine is Day 1 in my Moderate 10-Day Whole Body Wellness Challenge. Learn more about the challenge and download a FREE calendar so you can follow along at: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/moderate-challenge

These neck stretches & exercises are not only great for the neck, but they are also great for the shoulders and upper back. They are also great for helping to improve posture, decrease neck tightness, and improve overall neck flexibility.

Let’s begin with a quick 2 minute warm up to help get the neck muscles loose and ready to go. Cervical rotation, cervical side bend, neck circles and arm circles will help the muscles get ready for the routine.

Starting off lying down on your side for cervical side bends and cervical rotations. Then lie on your stomach for prone cervical extensions. Now roll over onto your back for cervical flexion. Since these are against gravity, they will work your muscles more than sitting up.

Next up is chin tucks with shoulder squeezes. It is both a stretch and an exercise, and it’s great to help reset your muscles if you work on a computer all day or like to game a lot.

Then going into some full stretches with an upper trap stretch and a levator scap stretch will really help improve motion and decrease tight muscles.

Finally, we will go back to chin tucks, but this time add chin tuck with flexion to get those deep flexor muscles, and then chin tucks with extension.

Congratulations on finishing Day 1 of the Moderate Whole Body Wellness Challenge. See you back here for Day 2: https://youtu.be/FXQ1rmF6cr0

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Neck Stretches & Exercises - Moderate Whole Body Wellness Challenge:

00:00 - Neck Stretches & Exercises
00:24 - Neck Warm-up
02:33 - Sidelying Cervical Side Bends
05:24 - Sidelying Cervical Rotation
08:14 - Prone Cervical Extension
11:04 - Supine Cervical Flexion
13:53 - Chin Tucks with Shoulder Squeeze
15:30 - Upper Trap Stretch
18:13 - Levator Scapulae Stretch
21:09 - Chin Tucks with Flexion
22:35 - Chin Tucks with Extension

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