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Don't Crack Your Neck! Try these Neck Exercises & Stretches Instead

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Popping or cracking your neck may provide temporary neck pain relief, but it's probably not fixing the issue that's causing the pain. These neck stretches & exercises target the muscles that often cause neck pain. Buy a printable worksheet with these stretches here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/neck-crack-alternative-worksheet

Start off with isometric neck exercises. Cervical side bending, rotation, and extension isometrics will help strengthen and relax the neck muscles.

Chin tucks are one of my favorite exercises, and it also stretches the neck muscles as well.

After you do the neck exercises, neck stretches will help keep the muscles loose and relaxed so you don’t feel the need to crack your neck. The upper traps, levator scap, and scalane muscles are the main ones around the neck that will cause pain and tightness.

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Don't Crack Your Neck! Try these Neck Exercises & Stretches Instead:


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