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5 DIY Fall Phone Cases - How To Make Cute Phone Cases For Autumn

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In this video I show five easy Fall inspired ways to decorate your phone covers for Autumn :) Awesome Rain Cloud Phone Case, Umbrella Phone Case, Mug Phone Case, Gold Acorn Phone Case and Colorful Fallen Leaves Phone Case.
I start with DIY Umbrella Phone Case. For this cute phone cover you will need a piece of paper (yellow, if you want to make a yellow umbrella), saucer (or any round object) and clear tape. I used double-sided tape to secure umbrella to the case (it works perfect!) but you can secure it with super glue :)
The second phone cover – DIY Mug Phone Case – or as I call it DIY Hot Cocoa Phone Case :) I like to drink hot cocoa, coffee and tea on rainy chilly Autumn days. So this cover is one of my favorite :) All you need is a paper and acrylic paint! For the handle I used my hot glue gun, but you can make it of air dry clay or polymer clay.
The next – DIY Fallen Leaves Phone Case. Just pick up some beautiful leaves from the street, iron them and you're almost done :) To secure them use double-sided tape or glue stick. Looks so cool and always unique (cause there's no two identical leaves in the world) ;)
The fourth phone case is a DIY Rain Cloud. Super cute and beautiful phone case :) You will need white felt, white thread, 7 beads (I recommend transparent blue beads) and seed beads (blue and white). Super easy to make and it looks fantastic! :)
And the fifth DIY project – is a DIY Gold Acorn Phone Case. You will need gold glitter, school glue, brown and green felt. If you will use not clear phone case (just solid color plastic one) - better use glitter nail polish instead of school glue.
Good luck!
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