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5 DIY Phone Cases! How To Make Slime, Edible Bubblegum, Kawaii, Holo! Easy Phone Cover Design DIYs

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Today I will show you how to make 5 DIY Phone Case Designs. Learn how to make Slime, Edible Bubblegum, Kawaii, Holo! Easy Phone Cover Designs for your phone! Turn your phone case cover into a fun, cool and easy new phone case design. For all of these DIYs you will need a silicone or hard phone case cover in either clear or the color of your choice. If you don’t have a phone case you can always make one using the DIY hot glue phone case cover method or the silicone and cornstarch method. Have fun with these easy, fun unique and creative #DIY #phonecases! I hope you enjoy these DIY phone cases that are 1 of a kind! These DIY Cell phone cases can be made for any phone - no matter if it is the new IPhone 7 or IPhone 6 - 5 or 4. You can also make these phone case cover designs with the Samsung Galaxy and more! The pool noodle diy is a great 5-minute craft! Perfect craft for kids, teens and adults. I hope you enjoy these DIY Phone Cases!

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Supplies Needed:
Printables Here -
Eyelash Phone Case:
White Acrylic Paint
Sharpie Pen
Squishy Phone Case Kawaii DIY:
Pool Noodle
Sharpie Markers
White Acrylic Paint
Hot Glue
DIY Edible Phone Case Bubblegum:
Recycle Box (Plastic Silverware)
Holo Phone Case Diamon:
Holographic Gift Wrap
Black Sharpie
DIY Slime Phone Case:
Puffy Paint (color of your choice)
No borax needed for this slime phone case for that matter its a no glue slime along with a no liquid starch :) - enjoy this easy, cute and fun slime phone case!
Have fun making your own phone case! These are really easy and you end up with cool & unique DIYs. I hope you enjoy this phone design diy video tutorial please remember to like and subscribe -

If you make these use the #kimspireddiy - I would love to see your finished project. Show me your best custom DIY phone covers! Thanks for watching 5 DIY Phone Cases! How To Make Slime, Edible Bubblegum, Kawaii, Holo! Easy Phone Cover-Design DIYs
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5 DIY Phone Cases! How To Make Slime, Edible Bubblegum, Kawaii, Holo! Easy Phone Cover-Design DIYs
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5 DIY Phone Cases! How To Make Slime, Edible Bubblegum, Kawaii, Holo! Easy Phone Cover-Design DIYs
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