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DIY Edible Slime! How To Make Chocolate Slime & More! Easy & Miniature! Cool DIY Crafts Tutorials!

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DIY Edible Slime! Learn How To Make Chocolate Slime & more! With a few ingredients you can have easy tasty chocolate
edible slime & white fluffy marshmallow slime! For this DIY craft idea you can recycle K-Cups to make fun miniature cups to put your edible slime in (Snowman, Reindeer and Hot Chocolate Cup). In this #DIY video tutorial learn how to make tasty edible slime with marshmallows that is super easy and miniature cups to put the slime in! You can make these slimes with Hersheys Chocolate candy bar, Hot Chocolate or Cocoa and edible glitter! This is a recipe of diy edible slime without metamucil (no fiber powder) so its pretty tasty :)! And since its edible you don't have to worry
about borax, liquid starch, laundry detergent, eye drops or any of those things (No borax slime - yea!) Make this for yourself or it would even make a cute gift. This is a cool DIY crafts tutorial for the Holidays! Perfect craft for kids, teens and adults! I hope you enjoy these DIY edible slime recipes - Please remember to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for more cool DIY Crafts!
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Supplies Needed:
Recycled K-Cup (White)
Sharpie Pens
Coconut Oil
Edible Glitter
Corn Starch
Powder Sugar
Recycled K-Cup (Brown) - if you don't have brown you can paint or wrap it with brown paper.
Googly Eyes
Red Pom Pom or Red M & M
Brown or Gold Pipe Cleaner
Coconut Oil
Hershey Chocolate Bar
Corn Starch
Powder Sugar
Hot Chocolate Mug:
Recycled K-Cup (White)
White Pipe Cleaner
Hot Chocolate Powder or Cocoa
Coconut Oil
Corn Starch
Powder Sugar
Have fun making your own mini edible slime! These are really easy and you end up with a cool & unique DIY. I hope you enjoy this DIY edible slime video tutorial please remember to like and subscribe -

If you make these use the #kimspireddiy - I would love to see your finished project. Show me your best custom DIY edible marshmallow slime! Thanks for watching DIY Edible Slime! How To Make Chocolate Slime & more! Easy & Miniature! Cool DIY Crafts-Tutorials!
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