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DIY Miniature Edible Slime! Chocolate, Bubblegum Slime DIYs! Tiny Slime Supplies! Slime You Can Eat!

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DIY Miniature Edible Slime! Learn how to make slime you can eat! Make edible chocolate slime, bubblegum slime and Nesquick slime. Learn how to make tiny slime supplies for your mini edible slime. In this DIY easy slime video I show you 3 miniature edible slime ideas. These DIY slimes are unique, creative, easy and fun. Perfect minature crafts to make at home that are exciting. Make slime without borax and glue with these edible slime DIYs.
Each edible slime is made with different miniature supplies. Learn how to make miniature cocoa powder, corn starch, and milk along with miniature Nesquick, powder sugar and miniature bubblegum. Learn how to make the best slime recipe. Perfect DIY slime 2017! DIY edible slime along with DIY miniature crafts. DIYs to when you're bored 2017!
I hope you enjoy this video! These are cool American Girl crafts or dollhouse DIYs if you don't want to use them for yourself! They would also make great party favors for birthday parties! If you want to see more doll DIYs, slime videos, 5 minuture crafts or compilation videos let me know.
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