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Today I will show you how to make 7 DIY Miniature Phone Cases - you will learn how to make HOT GLUE phone cases that are mini! In this DIY video tutorial I will show you how to decorate your mini phone cases - find out how to design your phone case to look like - Mini Emoji Phone Case, Glitter Rainbow, Starbucks Phone Case, Bubble Gum Phone Case, Black Cat made from a sock, Mini Oreo Cookie Phone Case & also a Slime phone case! Make these cool and unique DIY Crafts in the miniature version! These are perfect for use in your dollhouse DIYs or to make keychains out of or so many more ideas! Create these DIY projects to do when you
are bored! You can prank your friends and family with a miniature Iphone! I hope you have fun with these easy, fun and unique and creative #DIYs!
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To make the mini iphones you will need the printable - you can find here -
You will also need an empty and clean eye shadow try -- this is the perfect way to recycle an old eye shadow into something new! I love to make recycled crafts! You will also need white foam and clear package tape along with Elmers Glue! made this one to look like the Iphone 6 but you can go online a print out a different phone - maybe you want a mini iphone 7 or a mini Samsung Galaxy - print
out whatever kind of phone you would like!
To make the hot glue phone case - you will need parchment paper paper, tape, eye shadow tray and hot glue!
To Make the 7 Mini Phone Case Designs you will need:
#1 DIY Mini Black Sock Cat Phone Case
Black Sock
Pink & White Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Hot Glue
Make a miniature sock cat phone case! Design your mini iphone case to look like a black cat. This is super easy and fun to create!
#2 DIY Miniature Emoji Phone Case
Yellow Acrylic Paint
Sharpie Pens
Design your mini phone case to look like an Emoji - If you love Emojis and your dolls love Emojis then give them an Emoji cell phone in their dollhouse!
#3 DIY Mini Oreo Cookie Phone Case
White & Black Polymer Clay
Oreo Cookie Silicone Mold or
Oreo Cookie Hot Glue Mold
Hot Glue
This Oreo Cookie phone case was so fun to make and love how it turned out! I love that it's the miniature version too! I turned this mini oreo cookie phone case into a keychain and everyone loves it!
#4 DIY Miniature Bubble Gum Machine Phone Case
Pill Capsule
Red, White and Gray Foam
Hot Glue
Make your own DIY mini gum ball machine phone case! If you want to check out my iphone bubble gum case video - head over here -
#5 DIY Mini Rainbow Glitter
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple Glitter
Paint Brush
Make your mini phone case sparkle with some glitter! Add the colors of the rainbow to your phone case!
#6 DIY Mini Slime Phone Case
Puffy Paint any color
Create a DIY mini slime phone case. This is a cute way to add slime to your phone without making a mess! Choose any color puffy paint and maybe even glow in the dark puffy paint!
#7 DIY Miniature Starbucks Phone Case
Brown Acrylic Paint
White Puffy Paint
Starbucks Logo
Create your very own mini Starbucks phone case! This one is super easy to make and would look great on your new mini hot glue phone case!
I hope you enjoyed all these miniature iphone case designs - like I said before you don't have to limit it to the Iphone - make any kind you want! If you have any miniature DIYs you would like to see let me know in the comments!
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