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5 DIY Phone Case Designs! How To Make Liquid, Mini Starbucks, Candy, Unicorn-Easy Phone Cover DIYs

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DIY Phone Cases! DIY Phone Covers and DIY Phone Cases from scratch are great projects to make at home. In this easy DIY crafts video I show you 5 amazing DIY phone cases and craft hacks. These phone covers are unique, creative, easy and maybe a bit weird. Perfect crafts to make when you are bored. I'm making DIY miniature Starbucks phone case that looks like it spilled, dolphin DIY liquid phone case, candy lips, unicorn & sunglasses! I'll show you some quick, amazing and easy diy phone case designs. For all of these DIYs you will need a silicone or hard phone case cover in either clear or the color of your choice. If you don’t have a phone case you can always make one using the DIY hot glue phone case cover method or the silicone and cornstarch method.
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The first DIY phone case I'm making is DIY phone stand & phone cover all in one. Take a pair of sunglasses and make some easy hinges and you will have a phone stand and case. Super easy and fun! Prank your friends and family when they see sunglasses on your phone case while you are talking :) Try this DIY phone case hacks by turning sunglasses into a cute phone case design and stand all in one!
The second DIY phone case that I made is a dolphin liquid phone case. For this DIY phone case you will need ziploc bag, water, food coloring and dolphin cut outs. This is an easy and fun phone case a perfect DIY summer phone case. This is a cool diy phone case from scratch.
DIY Candy lips phone case. For this one trace out some lips on a clear phone case apply mod podge and sprinkle on some rainbow sprinkles. This is a fun DIY candy phone case - while it not and edible DIY phone case it still looks pretty cool. This one is a DIY phone cover for girls.
Another DIY phone case idea I'm making is DIY unicorn phone cover. This is a fun DIY duct tape craft idea. I will show you how to make a unicorn phone case that is really simple, cool and unique.
The last DIY phone case is a miniature Starbucks phone cover. This is a fun one to put together and you can prank your friends and family with a phone case that looks like a spilled miniature Starbucks cup. This is a DIY phone case with hot glue as I used hot glue to secure the cup. This Starbucks is a perfect DIY phone cover for boys and girls.
DIY phone case are such a great homemade craft project idea. Making them miniature are even better like the Starbucks, and making liquid phone cases are always fun. If you love phone cases then these would be the best DIYs ever! Would you like to see DIY Tumblr phone cases? These cases can be used for iphone 6, iphone 6s, iphone 7 and all the other iphones along with diy phone case for Samsung - pretty much any case you can fit on your phone you can make these cases. These can also be used as DIY ipad cases and the sunglass one would probably work as a DIY ipad stand.
Help me translate this DIY phone case tutorial:
5 DIY Phone Case Designs! How To Make Liquid, Mini Starbucks, Candy, Unicorn-Easy Phone Cover DIYs
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