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67% Faster Back Growth! | PULLING & ROWING PERFECTED!

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We know that a well-rounded back workout includes both rowing AND vertical pulling exercises. In fact, you can easily get away with doing ONLY TWO exercises for your back, such as Weighted Pull-ups and T-Bar Rows which I explain in this video right HERE. But what if we could PERFECT those movement patterns with two universal tips? Well, we can!
Tip #1 – Perfect Your Rowing Technique
Let’s talk about rowing first and this goes for any variation of the row. In order to truly activate your back you need to pay attention to your shoulder blades and lower back during the concentric and eccentric portion of each exercise.
If you’re not slightly bending forward and protracting your scapula during the eccentric portion of your reps, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for strength and muscle growth. That’s because this technique will better target your rhomboids, rear delts and traps as all those muscles are responsible for moving the shoulder blades. Believe it or not, keeping your shoulder blades stiff during the movement will only activate those muscles for stabilization purposes and they will not be doing any actual work.
Take the seated cable row for example. Unfortunately, most trainers teach to stay upright and just pull your arms back into scapula retraction. But this is only half of the movement. As you bring your arms forward you need to fully protract you scapula and slightly lean forward with your chest up.
This is the only way you can maximize the stretch on all the muscles in your back and if you CAN’T keep your chest up as you slightly lean forward, lower the weight, ESPECIALLY if you’ve never done this before.
You have to understand that if you’ve been training for a while now, only staying upright the entire time, your muscles have only been getting stronger through THAT range of motion. So as soon as you start to lean forward and protract your scapula your body is going to freak out a bit until the weaker parts of your back catch up!
I also want to quickly cover this technique when applied to a bent-over row as I’m sure the majority of you will be using this exercise in your back workouts. You apply the same form. As you lower the weight make sure you protract your scapula and slightly bend over a bit more while keeping your chest up until you feel a deep stretch in your lats before rowing the barbell.
I also recommend taking advantage of a bit of momentum or cheat reps on your last few reps of each set so you can REALLY overload your back and focus on heavy eccentrics.
Lastly, if your lower back hurts on this, it’s for two reasons:
1. Instead of sitting back and letting your legs and hips support the weight, you’re bending over and letting all the weight rest directly on your lower back.
2. Or you’re getting really strong and your core is failing before your back muscles, meaning now you should probably be wearing a belt to help you stabilize throughout your set.
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