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Acupressure Points For FACIAL PALSY || Bell's Palsy || Facial Paralysis || Press For 2 Minutes

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acupressure point for facial palsy || bell's palsy || facial paralysis || press for 2 minutes

very effective solution for the Treatment of Facial Paralysis, Facial palsy or Bell's Palsy by this single Acupressure Point , press this Acupressure Point for Facial Paralysis just for two minutes , apply seed or magnet on this Acupressure Point for facial palsy
in this video you will learn location of this Acupressure Point for Bell's Palsy , how to press this Acupressure Point for the Treatment of Facial Paralysis , how to apply seed or magnet on this Acupressure Point
there is no side effects of this Acupressure therapy for Facial Paralysis , require no medicine and money for this Acupressure therapy
very easy to learn this Acupressure Point for the Treatment of Bell's Palsy

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