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Blackphone vs BlackBerry, Galaxy Alpha, and another OnePlus screwup | Pocketnow Weekly 109

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One of the nice things about a mobilized mob of fanatics is ... well, nothing. For the purposes of intelligent discourse and civility, there's nothing cool or helpful about a bunch of heated fanboys rabidly denigrating a new product because it happens to threaten their preferred smartphone. We've talked about this sort of thing before, and now we're talking about it again – this time in the context of Blackphone vs BlackBerry. But we're not using this issue to harp on the dangers of fanaticism; rather, we're seizing on the opportunity to learn something about mobile security.
There's also plenty of news to cover in the mainstream smartphone world, of course: Samsung's Galaxy Alpha is here and while it's not packing a big spec wallop, it sure is pretty. Motorola's broken our hearts with an ill-timed event invite. There's new device coverage concerning HTC, Microsoft, Xiaomi, and others. And, improbably, OnePlus has found yet another way to piss off the world.
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