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OnePlus One, Galaxy S5 vs Lumia Icon, Ok Google Everywhere - Pocketnow Weekly 093

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The "flagship killer" that demands that you "NEVER SETTLE" breaks cover. The pioneer of the modern mobile browser shares his story. And at long last, Microsoft and Nokia finally consummate their love. We could have a feature segment, but with news this hot, do we really need one? Not with a guest like Stefan Constantinescu of TabDump to bring some flavor (and profanity) to the proceedings, that's for sure.

A word on the language of this episode: we've recently ditched the "Clean" content rating that's been with us from the start of the Weekly, trading it in for Apple's ominous "Explicit" tag that makes us sound like the hardest podcasters ever to come out of Detroit. This change was made for a variety of reasons, which we may explain in depth at a later date. Rest assured that it's not our intent to turn the podcast into a sailor bar: we'll still be keeping a close eye on our tongues, but we'll no longer be bleeping the occasional cuss. Be sure to let us know what you think of this change in the comments!

All this, plus six of your best reader mail submissions await you on episode 093 of the Pocketnow Weekly! So fire up your favorite podcast app and get to downloading: the Flagship Killer is coming, and you know what that means. (Actually, do you? Because we're pretty confused about it.)

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Pocketnow Weekly episode 093

Recording Date



Michael Fisher

Taylor Martin

Stephen Schenck


Stefan Constantinescu of TabDump

Podcast Rundown

Announcements (00:06:28)

Nokia X giveaway

The return of the Power User

Moto G After The Buzz

Galaxy S5 review: good, but not glam

Windows Phone (00:27:46)

Microsoft completes Nokia acquisition

Galaxy S5 vs Lumia Icon (Video)

Windows Phone users hate waiting, million+ install 8.1 dev preview

Android (00:42:26)

One PlusOne launches as "2014 flagship killer"

Will you wait to buy a phone that's invite-only?

Google planning massive voice explosion with "Ok Google Everywhere"?

Father of Google+ leaving the company; what does this mean for the social network?

iOS (01:15:29)

Creator of iPhone Safari browser shares his experience

Tim Cook discusses new products, mobile payments

Listener Mail (01:18:24)

Kausthubha Puttalingaiah needs help backing up his Moto G; Chris Rodgers wants to know what software we can expect from Project Ara's modular phones; Owen Lyttle wants us to stop beating up on our review units; Anton SM wonders if the desktop will ever really go away; Jason wants to know what to study in college to break into the mobile tech world; and Ed Carden asks who our fantasy voice assistant would be, given our pick of the litter!


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