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Il-Lumia-nation | Pocketnow Weekly 177

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Microsoft might be getting the last word in our review queue for 2015. But that also means that we'll be getting the last word on it. We've gone through the Continuum experience and have held Windows 10 Mobile with all 10 of our fingers. And by "we," it's not just Michael Fisher. Vernon E.L. Smith of the MS Mobile Show podcast joins us to make light work of the Lumia 950.
You'll have your chance to nominate which smartphone will be your daily driver of the year — for the next two years. Plus, all the RAM, Panos and soap you can handle in the news and some mail from viewers like you are on the way, too. Time to flip the switch, crank the bulbs up and shine on — this is the Pocketnow Weekly.
Watch the video broadcast from 1:00pm Eastern on December 4, or check out the high-quality audio version later on. And don't forget to shoot your listener mail to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air!
Pocketnow Weekly 177
Recording Date
December 4, 2015
Michael Fisher
Stephen Schenck
Vernon E.L. Smith (MS Mobile Show)
Jules Wang
Podcast Rundown
Today's episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast is made possible by:
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Lumia 950: Enlightenment
Our review of the Lumia 950 is all but complete and awaiting a Friday-afternoon publication, and while we've talked a lot about the new Windows flagship over the past few weeks, we think it deserves a final summary analysis. We have Vernon E.L. Smith on the show today to trade notes and shoot the breeze coming in from those Windows (10 Mobile).
Context: Delays in the UK | Indian launch, Display Docks | Continuum: what it is and what it isn't
Surface Phone, meet Panos Phone
Andy Rubin ready to return to the smartphone business?
"... sporting a Snapdragon 830 with the typical 8GB of RAM ..."
ZTE Nubia Z11 readied for both US and China
Xiaomi Mi 4 owners can now officially download Windows 10
A Huawei-made Nexus 7? What about the Pixel C?
For $70, the Remix Mini puts Android in desktop form
And now, your moment of Zen
Listener Mail
E-mailed submissions from Joseph, Daan, and Sven. Plus, we'll address the daily driver that you would choose to run the next two years of your life.

See you at 1pm ET!
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